The ISEED team are always writing and producing new things to read. Below are some of our recent publications.

Scientific Publications

Adoption of Responsible Research and Innovation in Citizen Observatories O’Grady M., Mangina, E., Sustainability 2022, 14(12): 7379.

Measuring epistemic success of citizen science programmes: a citation study in ecology, Julliard R., Bedessem B., Montuschi E., (2021) PLOS One (Public Library of Science).

Can citizen science increase trust in research? A case study of delineating Polish metropolitan area
Bedessem, B., Gawronska-Nowak, B., Lis, P. (2021)  Journal of Contemporary European Research, 2.

Policy Briefs

Promoting deliberative participation in EU democracies: Insights from ISEED

Summary Reports

Tools for Citizen Inclusion in Policy Processes – Mapping and Analysis

Discussion Papers

Discussion Paper based on ISEED Deliverable 2.1
What it means for non-professional scientists ‘to understand’ specific knowledge products, and to what extent this type of understanding entails both an epistemological and a political type of assessment.

Discussion Paper on Deliverable D2.1

Other Works by ISEED Members

Social participation in science: Perspectives of Spanish civil society organizations. Public Understanding of Science Llorente C., Revuelta G., Carrió M., Sage Journals, 2021, 30(1):36-54.

Priorities for social science and humanities research on the challenges of moving beyond animal-based food systems. Morris, C., Kaljonen, M., Aavik, K., Balázs, B., Cole, M., Coles, B., Efstathiou, S.,Fallon, T. et al., Nature,(2021)  Humanities & Social Sciences Communications. 

Knowing, relationships and trust—citizens’ perceptions of whole genome sequencing for the Genetics Clinic of the Future Schumann, S., Gschmeidler, B.,  Pellegrini, G. (2020).  Journal of community genetics 11.

Knowledge repositories. In digital knowledge we trust. Tsjalling, S and S. Efstathiou, (2020)  Medicine, Health care and Philosophy. vol. 23.

Citizens–experts’ interactions under different institutional arrangements: assessing the role of uncertainty, interests, and values Bogliacino, F., Codagnone, C., & Veltri, G. A. (2019). Journal of Institutional Economics, 1–19.

Supporting participative pre‐flood risk reduction in a UNESCO biosphere O’Grady, M. J., Evans, B., Eigbogba, S., Muldoon, C., Campbell, A. G., Brewer, P. A., & O’Hare, G. M. (2019).  Journal of Flood Risk Management, 12(S2), e12520

Digital orphans: Data closure and openness in patient-powered networks Tempini, N., Del Savio, L., 2019.  BioSocieties 14, 205–227.

Urban social movements and the right to the city: An introduction to the special issue on urban mobilization. Domaradzka, A. (2018). VOLUNTAS: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations, 29(4), 607-620.