Policy Brief Series

Promoting Deliberative Participation in Europe

The Series

We are excited to share our ISEED Policy Brief Series on Promoting Deliberative Participation in Europe.  The series consists of nine Briefs, each formulating a set of policy recommendations based on ISEED research results on the roles of science, technology and the importance of citizen engagement in democratic deliberation.  

The Series aims to thus make key ISEED results available and usable by policy stakeholders in Europe. 

ISEED Briefs are launched on a weekly basis, starting from Thursday April 4th 2024, and for the following nine weeks, culminating in a full collection of the Brief Series. You can access our published Briefs through the links below.

The Series is edited by Sophia Efstathiou.

Policy Briefs

1) Valuing Citizen Engagement in Science Governance  

Chiara Lovati and Eleonora Montuschi

Release date: 4th of April, 2023

In this policy brief, ISEED proposes an inclusive and participatory approach to decision-making modeled on Citizen Engagement in different forms of science-driven projects.

The conclusions of our research emphasize that the governance of science should embrace a range of interests and contributions coming from alternative styles of scientific research.  

To achieve this, we suggest ways for overcoming a naïve model of neutral and top-down type of expertise and supporting models of decision-making which also includes the contribution of citizens as providers of potentially valuable knowledge.  

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2) Ensuring Long Term Functioning of Citizen Observatories

Michael O’Grady

Release date: 11th of April, 2023

In this policy brief, ISEED highlights the significance of Citizen Observatories, conceived as community-based networks that monitor and influence decision-making and policies on environmental, urban, and climate issues by collecting data.

These observatories mark a departure from traditional citizen science, aiming to establish enduring, community-driven scientific efforts and bottom-up science-based initiatives.

We propose viewing the work of Citizen Observatories as a chance to diversify and improve inclusivity within knowledge-driven democratic initiatives across Europe, while simultaneously boosting citizen engagement and scientific literacy.

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  • Promoting Deliberative Participation in Europe: Insights from ISEED

Policy Brief Authors: Adriana Dimova, Agatha Żbikowska, Bogna Gawrońska-Nowak, Carolina Llorente, Chiara Lovati, Eleonora Montuschi, Gema Revuelta, George Gaskell, Giuseppe A. Veltri, Magdalena Roszczyńska-Kurasińska, Michael O’Grady, Niccolò Tempini, Olha Zadorozhna, Piotr Lis, Sophia Efstathiou
Series Editor: Sophia Efstathiou
Designer: Sarah Santos
Last review: 09/04/2024