Science Clubs across Uruguay and Europe

Science Clubs across Uruguay and Europe

Comparing mentor-based science programs practices between Uruguay and Europe.

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Science Clubs are organizations that helps generating a scientific engagement and genuine interest in scientific activities in young people. These programs are extra curricular and supplements the work done in classrooms and ordinary school.

This survey is under the Work Package 4 (WP4), which aims to investigate how the new methods of participation in science modify the relationship of the public with science and how citizens see and use scientific knowledge to defend a political agenda. To this end, citizen science case studies will be carried out and pilot experiments on innovative methods of deliberation will be carried out. It is intended to demonstrate how the development of good participatory and deliberative practices,
which involve bottom-up co-construction, or the use of scientific knowledge, is key to improving the
state of representative democracy.

Under task 4.4, WP4 studies the net of Uruguayan Science Clubs to understand how to generate interest in the co-production of science and knowledge between children and teenagers.

The aim is to be able to make the comparison in terms of the level of learning, incentive to participate,
capacity to involve young people and the potential to educate young people about the benefits of
participating in social projects that aim at social inclusion.

Under task 4.4.2, the objective of this survey is to search for similar Science Clubs practices in the European context.

It is of interest to compare European to Uruguayan outputs in terms of measuring impact on learning, incentive for participation, capacity to engage young people while including similarities and differences in the study populations in Europe and Uruguay, potential to educate young people about the benefits of being part of social experiments aimed at social inclusion and other variables of analysis.

If you participate or participated in a similar program or if you know about one, we invite you to fill in this form, the information will be very useful for the project!

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