WP3 – Mapping Deliberation and Participation

WP3: Mapping and interpreting deliberative and participatory processes

Key research questions:

What do we know about participatory processes in science-related issues?

What are the best practices for engaging the public?

What does effective communication in participatory processes look like?

Our research aim is to create a typology of existing participatory and deliberative practices in the domain of citizen engagement in science-informed public discussion and problem solving, with a particular focus on public engagement best practices and communication strategies.

This means that we are going to be working with case studies involving desk research (internet and document analysis of existing databases) and interviews with key actors in science informed public discussion representing national and EU research projects on Public Engagement (PE), citizen science platforms, living labs, fab-labs, and maker spaces. We are going to also experiment on forms of inclusive and effective communication between scientists and citizens by using observational analysis, pre-post surveys and semi-structured interviews to participants.

Leader: Frederik Langkjær