Day 3 – Midterm Conference


Wednesday, November 2nd

Art Exhibition

“Reelt Oppheng”

Thea Meinert and Ane Vik Eines

On the last day of conference, the participants had as a warm-up activity the art exhibition “Reelt oppheng” by artists Thea Meinert and Ane Vik Eines. The exhibition was placed on the top floor of the conference’s venue, Cafe Ni Muser, in Trondheim.

Meinert is concerned with industrial design and objects with a clear purpose, while Eines works with craft techniques and materials.

Is there intuitive design, what is a good object of use, what happens to the things when they are not in use?” These are questions the artists intend to raise with their art.

Participants visit the art exhibition “Reelt Opheng”

Nathalie Morata (MNHM) and Paolo Bodini (Ca’ Foscari) exploring the exhibition room.

Elin Danielsen Huckerby (NTNU) observes details at the exposition.

An element catches the attention of Giuseppe Veltri (UNITN)

Entrance to the art exhibition “Reelt Opheng”


Work in Progress

ISEED Members

“Work in Progress”. ISEED members discuss the conference outputs and the project’s steps forward on Day 3 of our meeting

As a last activity of the Midterm Conference, the ISEED members discussed the event outputs as an inspiration to collaborate and plan the project next steps.

The activity counted with participants from several universities partners and was taken with excitement as normally the group is used to online meetings.

Interaction, exchange and scalability were keywords in the discussion and the result of not only this meeting but the conference itself, as the group of researchers seek to keep improving on the upcoming months of project.

We look forward to see all of that action taking shape!

Photo Gallery

Here you will find all pictures from Day 3 of the Midterm Conference!

Text: Elin Danielsen Huckerby, Sophia Efstathiou, Sarah Santos
Edit: Sarah Santos
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